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About us

The Nissum Fjord Network

Since its founding in 2006, the Nissum Fjord Network has worked closely with the municipal authorities in Lemvig and HolstebroCounty. The network is an association the purpose of which is to create public access to Nissum Fjord and its surroundings as well as to promote culture, tourism, and business in the Nissum Fjord area. The network members also wish to inspire and be the initiators of activities covering the entire Nissum Fjord area.

The Nissum Fjord Network has always worked in partnerships with Ringkøbing Amt,HolstebroCounty, Vestjylland Nature Agency, andLemvigCounty. So far, three projects have been funded and completed. The objective of the first two was to create access to trails and develop facilities around the fjord, in addition to using the network to increase general knowledge and development of the area by involving different actors.

The Board of Nissum Fjord Network

The board of the Network, elected on March 29 2017:

Rita Sønderby (chairman)
Olav Buch (vice-chairman), 7650 Bøvlingbjerg
Freddy Skov Jensen (treasurer) Sdr. Fjandvej 3, 6990 Ulfborg
Kristian Hauskov (secretary) Nr.Viumvej 2, 7570 Vemb
Emanuel Fabricius, Skovvangsvej 18 Skalstrup ,7570 Vemb
Mai-Britt Kjeldsgaard, Klitvej 49, Fjand, 6990 Ulfborg
Helle Sigh, Strandingsmuseet
Jens Hedevang Nielsen and Lars Johannes Jespersen are substitutes

Representatives for Lemvig Municipality, Holstebro Municipality, as well as the Danish Forest and Nature Agency are observers in the board.

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