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Art and Art Experiences

A lot of artists both work and live around Nissum Fjord, and many of them can be found at Some of them create art in public spaces, others have open workshops, while some hold exhibitions around the fjord in various galleries, or in one of the cultural centers. The range of artists is also very big and includes both sculptors, painters, potters, glass designers, and visual artists. The sections below provide information on a few places you can visit to experience art at the fjord.

Poesigaarden - Else Husted Kjær

"The art critic, Lise Grunnet, once gave me the beautiful title, The bright day painter, which I am very proud of because I think the purpose of art is to bring light to humanity – to be an eye-opener – so that the adventures, the beautiful landscapes and poetry can find a place in the human heart and thereby enrich everyone’s life. Art is the greatest gift to man", says Else Husted Kjær, whose art gallery is open every Sunday.

Maagaard Glass

Agnete Maagaard has received international recognition for her glasswork and has also supplied beautiful glass dishes to the Danish royal family numerous times. All designs are unique works of art, and the themes are constantly evolving as new possibilities are always being explored.

Agnete Maagaard was born and raised in the middle of the magnificent natural landscape of Western Jutland near the sea, in a family that has always been driven by artistic visions and ideas. Maagaard Glass can be visited by appointment. For more information, please go to


Hornvarefabrikken has a 200 year old history, and in 2008 it was acquired by Sara Bruun Buch. She was given the responsibility to continue running and developing new business areas with respect to the old crafts. Sara Brunn Buch graduated from the College of Arts and Crafts in Kerteminde.
Hornvarefabrikken’s products received the silver award at the World Exhibition in Brussels in 1935 and were nominated for the Formland Design Award in 2009. The products are manufactured in the workshop in Bøvlingbjerg with the same methods that have been used for more than 200 years. You are always welcome to visit the workshop.

Eva Hermann Pottery

Eva Hermann’s pottery, which is both a workshop and a gallery, is located in Vester Husby. Eva has primarily been inspired by Danish pottery traditions, and she is developing her own unique technique. Eva also enjoys going for nature walks with a sketchbook or water color book in her hand to look for decorative inspiration in the trails, forests, and the sea. A walk around Husby will allow you to experience it all.

Henrik Voldmester Sculptor

The Sculpture Gallery is always open!

The Sculpture Gallery contains sculptures made exclusively by sculptor Henry William Voldmester and consists of an outdoor area and a small lockable indoor area. Everybody is always welcome to view the outdoor sculptures every day, all year round.

The indoor sculptures can usually be viewed between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. During the summer however, they are available until nightfall.


ET4U collaborate with international exhibitions and bureaus in the field of visual and contemporary art.
They work with paintings, sculptures, graphics, video, installations, performance etc. Their ambition is to create a stimulating network of artists and to promote contemporary art in one of Denmark's most sparsely populated areas. They also hold banner exhibitions seen in villages at the fjord: Nees / Skalstrup and Sønder Nissum.
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