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Culture History

Vestjylland ist not an area characterized by manors, but the manors of Nørre Vosborg (see picture), Rysensteen, Skærum Mølle, Ulfsund, Udstrup, and Pallisbjerg are still found in the landscape at Nissum Fjord and are part of the common culture heritage.

Hunters, fishermen, and farmers have always harvested the richness of nature at the fjord and the surrounding areas. F.inst. ducks, geese, salmon, hay, and reeds. The grass is still cut as part of the nature conservation , but the hay is no longer brought home along the wheel tracks in the fjord bottom, just as the ferry and barge navigation across the fjord stopped long time ago. The tradition of harvesting reeds around the fjord is still alive, just as hunting and fishing are of great importance, however mostly as spare time pleasure.

Guests are most welcome.

It is possible to go indoor and become absorbed in the dramatic history of the West Coast at attractions as the shipwreck museum St. George situated at the sluice in Thorsminde. The maritime museum holds thousands of objects from the two British line ships St. George and Defence, which were beached and shipwrecked at Thorsminde on Christmas Eve 1811. Between 1300 and 1400 men were lost during the shipwreck, which is also marked with a monument south of Thorsminde (the picture). The shipwreck museum also tells the history about the big sea battles on the North Seaduring the 1st World War.

Local artists, craftsmen, restaurants, camping sites, and summerhouse owners welcome the guests of the area, and a number of guided tours out in nature are held at Nissum Fjord.

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