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Cycling trail

An Adventurous Cycling Experience

The Nissum Fjord is called the Sea Behind the Sea due to the sea flow by Thorsminde and the outflows from the fjords. The fjord is surrounded by crafted artwork and the small ports offer several opportunities to enjoy your lunch. The gateway to Nissum Fjord is Nørre Vosborg which features a well-preserved manor where patrons may use antique furniture. Hans Christian Andersen stayed here and the area's pastel glow provides an incentive for adventure.

Day 1 - 50 km

1. Day 1 - 50 km – Bring your bike on the train to Vemb or go to the bike rental in Nørreskoven Vosborg. Several sections of the bike trail consist of gravel, thus it is a good idea to use appropriate tires. From here, the journey to the south of Nissum Fjord begins. Visit the historical Ulfborg Church with its unusual pulpit that spans across the church. In Ulfborg, you can either buy a packed lunch or eat at a restaurant. The cozy and small-boat Monastery Port has restroom facilities and close by, farmer’s ice cream can be bought at the Staby dairy store, which attracts a wide range of customers. Moving forward you will come across three more fantastic ports on the south side of Nissum Fjord. Be sure not to miss the swans and graylag geese who keep to their respective territories. Both art and fresh produce is available at Fjand Farm Shop, which also has a café and a B&B. At the Summer Fish Café, you can enjoy an evening meal in cozy surroundings between Friday and Sunday. It is also possible to stay in a 5-star cottage at Thorsminde Camping.

Day 2 - 45 km

The Thorsminde Shipwreck Museum is definitely worth visiting. At the Pump House isituated at the northernmost end of the fjord, benches and tables are available which offer views from the top. Have a look inside the Møller P. Gallery with its pottery and paintings. Glasswork can be found both on the way to and in Bøvlingbjerg at the Gammelgaard Glass store and at Maagaard Glass which is open by appointment. Further down the street in Bøvlingbjerg you will find Hornvarefabrikken, which produces and sells handicrafts and cow horns in both old and new designs. The route continues towards Nees which is particularly beautiful to visit when the Japanese Cherry flowers are blossoming. In Nissum Fjord’s backyard, Else Husted Kjær’s Poesigården (poetry gallery) – “The bright day painter” – can be found. It is open on Sundays and by appointment. The route continues towards Vemb and Nørre Vosborg, with several detours to pleasant ports on the way. And why not allow yourself a luxury accommodation at the historical Nørre Vosborg?


Thorsminde camping, Klitrosevej 4, Thorsminde, 6990 Ulfborg.  Tel: 9749 7056 Mobile: 2045 1976
Email:  mail(at)
Nørre Vosborg Hotel, Vembvej 35, Vemb.
Tel: 9748 4897 Email:  hotel(at)

Approximate prices

Five-star cottage for six at Thorsminde Camping: DKK 575 during low season and DKK 695 during high season with access to the water park and fitness studio. Double room at the Nørre Vosborg, DKK 895. Double room with the option to order dinner in the restaurant. Nissum Fjord offers a variety of options if you wish to stay in a shelter.
Please find the Retro leaflet Nissum Fjord Journey with a description of the locations on the map.

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