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Hiking Around the Fjord

Guided and Non-Guided Hiking

Here you will find information on both guided and non-guided hiking trails around Nissum Fjord. The trails feature a mix of luxury and raw natural beauty in rough terrain and all luggage, water, and firewood will be transported for you. For those hiking alone, you can use the leaflet Rundt om Nissum Fjord.

For all hiking around Nissum Fjord it will be a good idea to bring long trousers, socks, and hiking boots to ensure you are appropriately clothed. Long sleeves are also recommended as protection against the sun and insects. If you wish to sleep on a softer surface than that found in the  shelters, please bring a tent or an adequate sleeping pad

Non-Guided Hike Around Nissum Fjord – Luggage Transportation Included

It is of course also possible to take a non-guided tour around Nissum Fjord on foot or bicycle.

Luggage transportation can be ordered by those travelling in groups of five or more. The tour starts at Nørre Vosborg after which you may proceed either on foot or bicycle around the fjord. Luggage and other necessities will be transported to the pre-agreed accommodation sites provided by Leif Carøe, who lives in Vemb.

 The tour route goes north of the fjord
 Day 1: From Nørre Vosborg to Sandbækness
 Day 2: From Sandbækness to Høvsøre
 Day 3: From Høvsøre to Fjand Camping
 Day 4: From Fjand Camping to the Kloster Jollehavn
 Day 5: From Kloster Jollehavn to Nørre Vosborg

Luggage transportation – please find bottom of page.
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The non-guided trip can also be taken on a bicycle

The Non-Guided Pilgrimage Route

The route, which has been drawn by Holstebro Kommune, starts in Vemb and goes around Nissum Fjord. It contains the following stops: Vemb - Skærum Mølle - Nørre Vosborg – Ulfborg Kirkeby – Madum – Vedersø – Husby – Staby – Southern. Nissum – Thorsminde – Fjaltring – Trans – Dybe – Bøvling – Bøvling – Nees – Gørding – Vemb. 
You can get an excellent informational booklet about the Pilgrimage Route at Nørre Vosborg ticket office and Holstebro Tourist Office.

Travel Groups May Purchase Guided Tours

If travelling in a group, the Nissum Fjord Network can help you find a guide and arrange luggage transportation. Please contact the network for a price quote.

Luggage Transportation

For those wanting personally to plan the tour around Nissum Fjord, luggage transportation can be arranged.

The price includes 10 litres of water, 2 bottles of water per day, and firewood.
Price: DKK 98 per person if travelling in a group of 5.
Please order well in advance and no later than 7 days prior.
Leif Herman Carøe
Mobile: 2165 3346

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