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Maps and Information boards

Historical Map

Take the car for a Sunday trip and enjoy the many interesting natural locations, artists, and other experiences that Nissum Fjord offers you. It is also possible to book a guided tour. The leaflet contains an overview which helps you plan your favorite excursion around Nissum Fjord – regardless of the time of year!

Nissum Fjord Leaflet

The Nissum Fjord leaflet provides information about the fjord and contains a map with hiking trails and cycling routes. Please note that the cycling route contains an error: it is not possible to use the new bridge over Færgen (the Ferry), instead, you have to follow the road around Indfjorden.

The Thorsminde Bird Island

This leaflet contains information on birds, plants, wildlife, as well as a guide to what can be picked and tasted. Please also find the hiking trail around the island.

Nissum Fjord Information Boards

As part of the New Roads Project, information boards are available at all stops around Nissum Fjord. Published board information is available here.

The Bøvling Fjordvej Trail

Please find attached file which contains an information leaflet on the Bøvling Fjord trail. See link

Trail at Harpøt Harbour

Please find attached file which contains an information leaflet from Spor i Landskapet (Nature Trails) of the trail along Nissum Fjord on the east side, starting at  Harpøt Harbour

Map of Nissum Fjord

View Nissum Fjord Tour - on foot, bicycle, and horseback  Enlarge map
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