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Outdoor guides

Guided Tours at Nissum Fjord

The following guides can be contacted if you wish to purchase a guided tour around Nissum Fjord. Hiring a personal guide allows you to get an exclusive introduction to the area. You can choose between guided tours consisting of horseback riding, climbing, hiking, and kayaking to cycling and fishing. If needed, bus and luggage transport can also be arranged. It is entirely up to you how you plan your tour around Nissum Fjord.

Nature Guides and Climbing

If you would like a guided nature experience, please contact Kristian Hauskov. He works as a school teacher and is well acquainted with the area’s natural setting and with Nissum Fjord. If you would like to become familiar with tree climbing, Kristian has also the equipment needed to try it out under safe circumstances.
Kristian Hauskov, Tel: 2970 1677,


Getting to the fjord in a kayak provides a fantastic nature experience. However, safe kayaking requires knowledge and experience in terms of equipment, rowing technique, rescue maneuvers, wind, and weather conditions as well as navigation. West Jutland Kayaks (Vestjysk Kajak) can help you with all of this. In the area surrounding Lemvig and Struer – the heart of West Jutland’s magnificent nature – we offer sea kayak courses and tours for both beginners and the experienced alike.
Per Henriksen, Vestjysk Kajak, 9788 6171,

Cycling and Mountain Biking

Regardless if you prefer a quiet and relaxing bicycle trip or a mountain bike excursion, Kristian Hauskov can help you. He has 12 mountain bikes for rent, either with or without a guide included.
Kristian Hauskov, Tel: 2970 1677,

Fishing at Storåen close to Nørre Vosborg

If you would like a personal fishing guide along Storåen, please contact Gert Hingebjerg – chairman of Vemb Lystfiskerforening (Vemb Angling Association). Fishing requires a license, which can be purchased at
A four-hour guided tour along Storåen close to North Vosborg. Price: DKK 350.
Gert Hingebjerg
Tel: 9748 1111

Horseback Riding

Please find contact details below, if you wish to inquire about horseback riding both for beginners and advanced at Nissum Fjord.
Kirsten Dirksen, Tel: 21344202
January Dirksen, Tel: 22415275

Hiking Guides

If you wish to choose for yourself, when to go hiking, please find contact details below to the area's local guide.
Inderfjorden Guide
Lars Johannes Jespersen
Mobile: 2277 2107

Bus Tours

If you are travelling in a group and would like a bus tour around Nissum Fjord, please contact Bur Minibuses. 
Bur Mini- and Tourist Buses, Burvej 77, Bur, 7570 Vemb
Tel: 97 48 41 78

Luggage Transport

If you would like yourself personally to plan your tour around Nissum Fjord, luggage transportation can be arranged.

The price includes transportation, 10 litres of water, 2 bottles of water per day and firewood.
Price: DKK 98 per person for 5 people
Please order well in advance and no later than 7 days ahead.
Contact: Leif Herman Carøe
Mobile: 2165 3346

More Options

If you are unable to find the guide you are looking for, please contact Rita Sønderbygaard, Chairman of the Nissum Fjord Network.
Tel: 9749 5241
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