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The Churches

The Churches of Nissum Fjord

The church has always played an important part in Western Jutland and consequently also in the Nissum Fjord area. Most of the region’s churches, which are distinctly located in various places, were built during the Middle Ages and are very important to the local population today. The area contains numerous ancient monuments, such as runes in the ashlars of Staby Church (pictured above), carvings in the granite walls of Ulfborg Church, and frescos in many of the other churches. However, the churches also feature a significant amount of modern art as well.

Harsh Conditions

The particularly harsh weather conditions have played a part in assigning a particular role to each church. Husby Church was saved from being buried by shifting sands in the 19th century during the construction of Husby Klitplantage (Husby Dune Plantation). Before the plantation was established, the church’s spire was used as a beacon for sailors and was called rankenspir (sharp spire).

Disasters and Crises

The economy has also been a challenge that the inhabitants of this area have had to face, as evidenced by Thorsminde Church. During the antebellum period, a rescue boathouse was used as a church building, and a granite water container was used as a baptismal font. The course of history has made its mark and given the various memorials of nautical disasters. For instance, a memorial of the stranding of English warships is located at Sønder Nissum Church, and another one commemorating all fishermen who perished at sea can be found in Thorsminde Church.

Times of Occupation

A memorial for the period of the Danish occupation by Nazi Germany is located at Vedersø Church, where Kaj Munk is buried. As a consequence of 19th century revivalist movements, a Grundtvigian congregation built the Marie Church in Bøvlingbjerg.


For those interested in embarking on a pilgrimage, a route approximately 100 kilometers long is described in a publication called “Around Nissum Fjord – Pilgrimages in Holstebro” issued by Holstebro Fodslaw, the churches, tourist organizations, museums, and the Outdoor Council. You can get the publication at the Ticket Office of Nørre Vosborg and at Holstebro Tourist Agency.

Please find additional information on the churches in this summary:
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